How To Increase Your Cyber Security

The Ukraine conflict has increased the risk of cyber‐attacks on New Zealand businesses. It is
important that as a business you have considered the risks and planned accordingly.

Key things to consider

Back‐up your data regularly

  • Identify what needs to be backed‐up (emails, invoices, customer information etc.).
  • Make back‐ups part of your daily business but it shouldn’t be permanently connected to a computer.
  • Consider backing up to a Cloud based system

Protection from Malware (viruses that can infect your computer)

  • Install (and turn on) antivirus software.
  • Educate staff on not downloading unofficial apps.
  • Firewall / Endpoint security provides an additional buffer against attacks.

Password Protection

  • Ensure all devices have password protection which is updated regularly.
  • Use 2‐factor authentication on important devices.
  • Avoid using predictable passwords.
  • Consider using ‘password managers’ which create and store complex passwords.

Keeping smartphones and tablets safe

  • Turn on password protection
  • Make sure lost or stolen devices can be tracked, locked or wiped.
  • Keep your device and apps up to date.
  • Don’t connect to unknown wi‐fi hot spots.

Avoid phishing attacks through email

  • Limit staff access where possible, i.e. don’t be logged in with administrator privileges when browsing the web.
  • Scan for malware and change passwords if you suspect an attack.
  • Educate staff to check for obvious signs of phishing, like poor spelling and grammar, legitimate email addresses.