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Join OurCloud and Experience the Power

OurCloud has major servers in both Taranaki and Waikato. These servers are connected to your business via a private cable connection (not over the internet, not offshore, and not via a small server in your office cupboard). When it comes to business, efficiency and reliability are paramount. OurCloud offers you ultrafast fibre and powerful cloud solutions that will take your business to the next level.


Managed IT

We have the ability to set up and maintain your IT. Our data centre is safe, secure and reliable. We ensure daily back-ups are done of your data and ours, both on-site and off-site, to make sure your information is always protected.

Data Centre / Cloud Service

Taranaki, Whanganui and Waikato businesses now have the opportunity to host all their IT in Our Cloud, where it will be safe and highly accessible. Our high-powered servers are aligned with the best in the world, and manned by our clever, experienced IT experts.

Hosted Telephony Servers and VoIP

Your customers will come through loud and clear with VoIP (Voice over IP) landlines. Our Cloud customers save thousands every month on phone costs alone, by using phones over our ultrafast fibre connection. If you need to record your calls, have auto-attendant features, or call analytics, Our Cloud have you covered.

Faster Business Internet

We can set up a dedicated fibre connection to your office to give you a faster internet service.

File Servers or Storage

If you require a lot of gigs, off-site storage, and data availability from anywhere, we have fast, secure and reliable servers that can help centralise all of your data.

We can also set up daily backups to protect your data from any unplanned events.

Data Centre for Small Businesses

Just because you’re still growing, it doesn’t mean you can’t work from Our Cloud. We have IT solutions for small businesses that won’t break your budget.

Managed Hosted Emails

Our Cloud provides a fast hosted email service. This prevents time spent waiting for emails to load, outdated email servers, and eliminates the worry of a server update bringing all your emails down.

Emails can now be accessed from work, home or the cafe. On your PC, Mac, Tablet or phone. We are all about speed, flexibility, productivity and security.

Enterprise Level Security

Our advanced antivirus software, SPAM filters and managed firewalls can protect your business. We offer free IT health checks to ensure your infrastructure can be as strong as possible in order to fend off potential cyber-attacks.

Multi-Site WAN Connections

We can create fast network links between all your offices and sites. These dedicated links allow for the fast sharing of files and cohesive environment for collaborative working.

Secure Remote Access Platforms

We provide remote access to your work environment from any location. Your data, applications and emails will all be hosted within Our Cloud. Let us do the processing work and help reduce your IT costs.

Powerful Website and Web App Hosting

We provide powerful solutions for websites with high-traffic or advanced calculation capabilities. If it’s performance, low latency and up-time that you require, give us a call.

Hosting the future. Let us help yours.